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Blue Pearl Granite Ideas

When visiting old friends from college who were known for having exquisite tastes, it is a good idea to take a quick inventory of their interior design elements. My best friend from college recently invited me to her new home and I was ready to take notes. I really didn’t write anything down except “blue pearl granite” in my notes.

I know that this may seem like an odd ritual but believe me, I have learned a lot through this process. I found so many wonderful ideas and design elements for my own home by admiring and noting different elements found in tasteful décor in my friends’ houses. None are as outstanding as blue pearl granite.

The very nature of the material is superior to others in its category. My college buddy used different shades of blue pearl granite in different rooms of his home. This demonstrates how versatile the material really is and it also demonstrates its range of color.

In one room, the bluepearlgranite was, well, blue. But it wasn’t any common shade of the hue. There was such depth and texture in the material that I could just get lost in the undertones. The deep color of the blue pearl granite reminded me of what it must look like when looking up to the surface from deep within the ocean.

Blue Pearl Granite Tips

I guess that this was the reason that the material was used in the bathroom. The entire area gave off a feeling of deep relaxation that could only be attributed to tasteful design, excellent lighting and bluepearlgranite. The material is perfect for creating a spa-like atmosphere that can not be outdone.

The blue pearl granite that he chose for the kitchen was quite different from the rich, deep color used in the bathroom. This material looked almost like mother of pearl but it was silver in color. One thing that I noticed with the lighter silver blue pearl granite that I didn’t notice in the bath was different grades of color in the material.

The entire countertop in the kitchen didn’t offer the same exact color throughout the space. There were different variants of the silver tones throughout the countertop. One spot was darker than the next and not one foot of space matched another exactly. This is a quality of blue pearl granite that I really admire. It gives the room interest and texture.

My new home is due for some serious renovations. Of all my observances during the past few months, none have been more valuable than the blue pearl granite.





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