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Drapery Holdbacks Ideas

Drapery holdbacks may be considered to be the crowning touch to your interior design scheme. These little details are a feather in your room’s cap. Whether you are wrapping up your look in your living room or whether you are topping off your bathroom’s last details, drapery holdbacks should be among the crowning jewels.

There are plenty of options to consider when purchasing drapery holdbacks for your home. One thing that you always want to keep in mind is the overall attitude of the room’s interior design theme. Finding the right drapery holdbacks won’t make or break the look of the room but they are important elements that do make a significant statement.

When shopping for these details for your interior design you want to make sure that you weed out items that just won’t work. A great place to start when shopping for drapery holdbacks is the formality of the room. A formal space will have a very different feel than a casual space.

Choosing draperyholdbacks that are rich in color and have elaborate designs and tassels just won’t work in a casual space. You may love the items but they won’t look right at all if they don’t suit the area. Consider you curtains and the overall feel of the room before making a purchase.

Drapery Holdbacks Tips

You may find that you fall in love with draperyholdbacks that are too formal for your space. Maybe these decorative items can be used in a more formal space in your home. Do you have a guestroom that cries out for dressy details? How about a powder room that requires a little attention? Formal elements can work in different areas of the home.

You also want to consider what material you want for the space as well. I chose shiny stainless steel drapery holdbacks for my kitchen space. The clean, modern design suited the space while still offering the support that the curtains required in the meantime. However, I could change the look of the area just by adding bright red drapery holdbacks made of cloth.

When dealing with interior design we tend to look at the big ticket items first. However, it is important to never underestimate the finer details. These little details are important because they can be used to add architectural interest and color. While elements like drapery holdbacks seem minor they can have a significant impact on the entire space.





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