I have had many people ask me for examples of my work, guides, etc. The best place I know how to provide it here.

With the name Decoration Guide Online, I want is to have all the information on how to decorate a  home on a website and remove ourselves from the books of decoration which always has a cost.

A little about Decoration Works

Decorating a house requires a lot of trust in a game where trust is going down the drain. A decorator must be co-owned a home to decorate, leaving much room for suspicion. I’ll never take anything and always lock stuff down immediately when I place. I also try to do things in an efficient manner over time. I realize that I am a mother and a full-time worker and a woman, which may be days when work is performed, and other days when you see a lot of work.

I am a very trustworthy person. Most of the time will not require payment until you are finished. I request larger half in advance, that way home if you decide you do not pay me because you’re dishonest, I’m not totally screwed. This sounds harsh, I know, but my time is valuable to me and decoration needs a lot of time.

I used to have a chart to discuss the price, now days, let people pay me what they think is a fair price and it has worked quite well.

Now that you know all this, I encourage you to take a look through my examples from prior to 2008 and Articles 2008 and get them running.

A pair of craters GM fragments have them for me. If you are interested in me making items for you, let me know.