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Go Away Door Mat Ideas

Although most of us have unwelcome visitors from time-to-time we have enough scruples to not tell them to get lost. We may want to, but our better judgment wins out and we put on a friendly face. It is bad manners to tell someone to go away, but what about having a door mat that does it for you? A go away door mat is not only practical it’s a fun item to have sitting by your door waiting to greet your visitors.

One of the best things about this type of mat is that everyone automatically thinks it’s a gag item. They see it, they laugh and they ring the bell. Naturally they never assume that the go away door mat is actually the way you feel, but that’s something you are best off keeping to yourself anyways. By letting the mat speak for you, you are sharing your innermost wishes with those annoying in-laws or the neighbors who constantly drop by unannounced.

These items are actually great for almost everyone. Most of us are accustomed to seeing a welcome mat at the door. The goawaydoormat is original and quirky and certainly a conversation piece. Chances are that almost everyone who visits you and spots the mat will ask you where you purchased it because they’ll want one too.

Go Away Door Mats Tips

Home improvement stores are one of the greatest resources when it comes to buying items like this. In most cases, the store will stock a fairly good selection of mats, including traditional welcome mats along with goawaydoormats. If they don’t have the one you had in mind, inquire about whether they make custom door mats. Many people want a mat that has their surname on it, so most home improvement stores work to accommodate those needs. Instead of your name you simply have the phrase you want imprinted on it.

If you come up empty handed after visiting your local store, don’t fret. There are many ways to get a go away door mat for your front step. One is to do a quick online search for a retailer selling them. Many of the online stores that handle the sales of door mats will also have a few joke ones, including a go away door mat. These are typically quite inexpensive and you can order one and usually have it delivered within days.

They also make a really fun and frivolous house warming gift. The person receiving it will surely get a kick out of it and is even likely to use it. It’s such a unique gift that people really want to display it to see other’s reactions.





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