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Wood Bread Box Ideas

Have you ever stopped to think about why you like certain things more than others? We all have our opinions about what we like and what we dislike. We form these opinions based on our experiences. Most opinions begin to take shape during our childhood years. Many times people find that they do things either just like their parent’s did or they do them the opposite way their parents did, depending upon your experience with your parents.

My mother worked full time outside of the family home. This was before working mothers was a common thing. When she began working we needed to pitch in to help. Mom would tell us what kind of meat she had thawed for dinner and what we should make with it. We would have supper ready when mom and dad arrived home from work. They rode together. We would eat as soon as they arrived home so that everyone could do what they needed to in the evening. Mom liked to have many things setting out on the countertops. She had a cookie jar, a wood bread box, salt and pepper shakers and mugs on a rack. All the things were useful, but the clutter always bothered me when I was helping in the kitchen. It made for additional work wiping off all the things when you were cleaning up. I could not understand why she had to have a woodbreadbox. It was old and the door stuck, for some reason I hated it.

Wood Bread Box Tips

My husband’s mother never worked outside of the home. She is like the super house wife. She bakes her own bread, grows and cans most of the vegetables that they eat and always has a spotless home. She had no clutter on anything. Her counter tops are bare and so are the coffee table and lamp tables. She never has anything out of place.

When we were planning out wedding my husband’s oldest brother and his wife had a couples shower for us. This was a nice change from the traditional bridal showers that involve just the bride’s friends. During the evening we opened the gifts that were brought. His mother gave us a woodbreadbox. My husband thought it was the neatest thing. She said that she always thought they looked nice setting out, this from a woman that leaves nothing on her counter space. We have spent twenty three years moving that wood bread box with us from house to house. I never thought I would have one on my counter tops.





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